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Modèle “Build, Borrow, Buy” : Comment équilibrer vos modes de croissances ? Laurence Capron, Intégrale Bourse – BFM TV – June 9, 2014
The risk of takeovers. Interview of Laurence Capron on CNBC.
Build, Borrow or Buy: Will Mitchell
Rotman Speaker Series on Business Growth.
Corporate Growing Pains: Build, Borrow or Buy?
Doing the wrong thing really well in growing your business could lose you your competitive advantage. Here’s how to avoid the “implementation trap”.
Evaluate M&A the Right Way
Laurence Capron explains why companies need to balance mergers and acquisitions with organic growth.
A warning against a company buying spree
Karl Moore talks with Laurence Capron and Will Mitchell, authors of “Build, Borrow or Buy” about the best way to help your business expand.
How to Grow Your Business
Laurence Capron joins Anna Farmery to talk about how you can grow your business and strategies to help you to decide whether to build, borrow or buy.
How to survive in a tough economic climate
Leading international news channel FRANCE 24 interviewed Laurence Capron on September 24, 2012.

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