For Business Educators

Book Synopsis

Build, Borrow, or Buy: Solving the Growth Dilemma is designed to help business students think carefully about key modes of company growth. In the book, Capron and Mitchell argue that firms need to select and balance carefully the different modes of growth, including internal development (BUILD), licensing and alliances (BORROW), and M&As (BUY). The first chapter describes the overarching Resource Pathways Framework. Chapters 2 – 5 detail the framework for each step of decision: when to BUILD (Chap. 2), when to BORROW via contracts (ch. 3) and alliances (ch. 4), and when to BUY (ch. 5). The final two chapters cover the need for firms to readjust their resource portfolio by divesting or changing the control over current resources (ch. 6) and balancing the BUILD, BORROW, BUY modes and developing an enterprise-wide selection capability (ch. 7). The book includes examples from multiple industries in both developed market and emerging market settings.

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