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Équilibrez vos modes de croissance. Quel est le point commun entre un groupe pharmaceutique américain (Schering-Plough), un constructeur automobile anglais (Rover) et une banque de détail américaine (Bank One) ? Reconnues comme les fleurons de leur secteur d’activité à un moment de leur histoire, ces entreprises n’existent plus aujourd’hui (elles ont été dissoutes ou rachetées). Lire l’article.
Résoudre le dilemme de la croissance. Seules les entreprises les plus réactives et les plus agiles peuvent se développer dans un contexte économique difficile. Cet ouvrage entend donner les clés pour parvenir à une croissance pérenne. Lire l’article.
Build, Borrow, or Buy: Selecting Successful Paths to Growing Your Company. Read the article.
Build, Borrow or Buy? Three strategies for growing your company. Read the article.
Extraits du livre “Résoudre le dilemme de la croissance – Le modèle Build-Borrow-Buy”. Lire les extraits.
Startups Need Mergers and Acquisitions for Growth by Martin Zwilling. Read the article.
Should You Build, Borrow or Buy? Companies that become viable in the long run are the ones that build the ability to have a portfolio of build/borrow/buy activities. Read the story.
How to Grow your Company? By Laurence Capron and Will Mitchell. Read the article.
Viewpoint: Laurence Capron. Professor Laurence Capron from INSEAD talks about the benefits of joint ventures. Read the article.
Should you Build, Borrow or Buy? Interview with Will Mitchell from the Spring 2013 issue of Rotman Magazine on Build, Borrow or Buy.
Der richtige Weg zu mehr Wachstum. Akquisition, Partnerschaft oder Entwicklung aus eigener Kraft – eine einfache Systematik hilft Managern zu entscheiden, welche Methode zum Aufbau neuer Ressourcen angebracht ist. Read the article.
Pharming Infertile Fields: Three Strategies for Growth in a Going-Nowhere Economy. Derek G. Hennecke embarks on a new 6-part series offering an overview of this year’s best business books with insights into what they can teach the Pharma industry. Read the article.
The final word on business. Selection of inspiring work of literature. Read the article.
The Urge to Merge – and Why Your Company Should Resist. Interview of Laurence Capron by Forbes Contributor Dorie Clark. Read the article.
Ken Favaro from strategy+business reviewed “Build, Borrow, or Buy.” Read the review.
Running a Business: How Big? How Fast? “Build, Borrow or Buy” featured as one of the sextet of excellent books about business growth and venture scaling. Read the article.
To build, borrow or buy for corporate growing pains? Article by Nigel Roberts. Read the article.
Borrow strategies as alternative to mergers & acquisitions. Interview of Laurence Capron. Expert Marketer Magazine. Read the interview.
How to know when to say ‘howdy partner,’ or when to buy. Interview of Laurence Capron and Will Mitchell by Karl Moore. Watch the video. Read the transcript.
Moeller’s corner: Build, buy and beyond. Corporates can grow a business organically or through M&A. But how do they decide on which strategy to follow? And can these paths be combined? Read the story
Should you build, borrow or buy? Making too many acquisitions (buy) within a short time makes your company fragmented and chaotic. Read the story
Why Chinese Firms’ Cross-Border Deals Fall Apart, an academic tells Carly Chynoweth. Read the story (in Arabic). – also available in English on HBR online.
Think before you swoop. Don’t be driven into acquiring rivals to grow your business — it can often end in tears, an academic tells Carly Chynoweth. Read the story.
INSEAD’s Laurence Capron on how companies should resort to different options to grow business. Read the story.
South China Morning Post – Business Management: China’s M&A deals. China’s mergers and acquisitions record scores low compared with other countries. How can its buyers avoid losing face? by Laurence Capron and Will Mitchell Read the article.
“Build, Borrow or Buy” in Expert Marketer Magazine (page 24). Read the story.
Warning Against Binge Buying. When is M&A the Right Answer to Your Growth Challenges? Fifth chapter book excerpt. Read the excerpt.
“Build, Borrow or Buy” featured as one of the top 3 books of strategy for 2012. Read the story.
Corporate Growing Pains: Build, Borrow or Buy? by INSEAD. Doing the wrong thing really well in growing your business could lose you your competitive advantage. Here’s how to avoid the “implementation trap”. Read the story.
Corporate Growing Pains: Build, Borrow or Buy?, interview by By Nigel Roberts, UK Correspondent. Video interview of Laurence Capron by Shellie Karabell – Read the story.
The Weekly News You Can’t Miss: The Smartest Fast-Growth Companies Combine 3 StrategiesRead the story.
Compact and precise guide to solving business growth by Noori Passela Read the story.
“Build, Borrow, or Buy: Solving the Growth Dilemma” makes the list of the top 10 Business Bestsellers. Read the story.
Can the Softbank-Sprint deal succeed? By Laurence Capron and Will Mitchell Read the story.
Business Insider Max Nisen from Business Insider interviewed Laurence Capron about “Build, Borrow, or Buy” strategies for fast-growth company. Read the story.
The Australian reviewed “Build, Borrow, or Buy” on their website. Read the review.
Helena Pozniak from The Independent asks school luminaries to name inspiring works of literature. “Build, Borrow, or Buy” is cited in this list and analyzed by HEC Professor, Rodolphe Durand. Read the story.
“Build, Borrow, or Buy” is reviewed and featured on The Globe and Mail’s website. Read “Four pathways to build your business”. Read an excerpt: “If your company can’t buy it, then build it”. Watch a video interview.
Laurence Capron and Cyril Maman explain why “Build, Borrow, or Buy” strategies are important for effective growth at SMEs. Read the story.
Laurence Capron joins Anna Farmery in Podcast 402- “How to Grow Your Business” to talk about her “Build, Borrow, or Buy” framework. Listen now.
CFO reviewed “Build, Borrow, or Buy”, which includes an interview with Will Mitchell. Read the story.
Harvard Business School professor, Julie Battiliana, discusses research results underlying “Build, Borrow or Buy”Read the story.
Accelerate Startup Growth by Looking Outside the Box. Forbes featured a piece on accelerating start-up growth, written by Martin Zwillig, entrepreneurial veteran. He explains how the principles of “Build, Borrow, or Buy” can be used by start-ups to accelerate their growth. Read the article.
Laurence Capron wrote an article on the INSEAD KNOWLEDGE blog: “Can the SoftBank-Sprint Deal Succeed?” Read the article.
“Build, Borrow, or Buy: Solving the Growth Dilemma” makes the list of the top 10 Business Bestsellers. Read the story.
Big Pharma’s Mixed Modes of Growth. Harvard Business Review published online a discussion on the risks for big pharma firms to overemphasize the value of external innovation sourcing at the expense of internal development. Read the story.
When to Change a Winning Strategy. HBR publishes online a discussion on the needs to use multiple modes of growth, outlining the example of Walgreens vs. CVS. Read the story.
How a Company Decides to Expand on- If it Goes The Wrong Way – Spell Disaster. Financial Times publishes an article featuring the research behind the book, “Build, Borrow, or Buy: Solving the Growth Dilemma”. Read the story.

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