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Capron and Mitchell accurately capture the dilemma that today’s business leaders face—how to deliver long-term sustainable growth. They lay out a compelling framework by which to judge how to best fill capability gaps and position companies for growth.

Bob McDonald, Chairman of the Board,
President and Chief Executive Officer, The Procter & Gamble Company

An insightful framework for thinking about one of the important strategic issues in today’s increasingly complex and interconnected business world. Capron and Mitchell provide clear guidance on how to choose between internal development, licensing alliances, and M&A to select the most appropriate path to growth.

Dr. Franz B. Humer, Chairman, Roche Group and Diageo PLC

This rigorous and well-researched analysis provides an invaluable guide for any executive looking to address that greatest of growth conundrums: knowing precisely how and when to deploy a firm’s resources and capabilities in pursuit of the biggest opportunities.

Patrick Cescau, former Group CEO, Unilever

Capron and Mitchell will change how you think about business. They offer a crystal-clear framework, demystifying the thorny choices of when to acquire, ally, or ‘do-it-yourself,’ and they back it up with rich, global examples. A must-read for executives and business development professionals.

Kathleen M. Eisenhardt, Stanford W. Ascherman M.D. Professor,
Stanford University; coauthor, Competing on the Edge: Strategy as Structured Chaos

Much has been written about identifying ‘what’ core competencies firms need to create competitive advantage. Build, Borrow, or Buy addresses the critical problem of ‘how’ to obtain those competencies. A clear, practical guide to thinking about successfully obtaining, integrating, and managing resources over time.

Peter Johnson, Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Eli Lilly and Company

Laurence Capron and Will Mitchell have written a valuable book on how to think through the question of securing the capabilities that a company needs in order to win. Full of helpful checklists and frameworks, Build, Borrow, or Buy brings what could be abstract concepts down to earth for practicing executives. I recommend this book for all those who strive to make their company more prosperous.

Roger Martin, Dean, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Build, Borrow, or Buy tackles the most difficult strategic decision facing companies in search of growth today. It is a well-balanced and clear analysis that should be required reading for every CEO.

Kevin P. Ryan, Founder and CEO, Gilt Groupe, former CEO, DoubleClick

Choosing to build, borrow, or buy is a dilemma that every CEO has to face. This book provides CEOs with a simple yet powerful framework for making those decisions without making costly mistakes.

Sucheth Davuluri, CEO, Neuland Laboratories Limited, India

Build, Borrow, or Buy provides an innovative and practical framework that will facilitate objective decision making, and as a result will help build a more disciplined path to growth.

Arnaud Bernaert, Senior Vice President,
Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions, Philips Healthcare

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